Announcing New Immersive Close Protection Training For Military Leavers

What do you want to do after leaving the military? Do you want to wake up every day and still feel challenged? Leaving the military doesn’t have to be an end. It can be the beginning of something better. You can use your lived experience and life skills for a new career. Ready to use your Enhanced Learning Credits (ECLAs) wisely? Our immersive close protection course is taking things to a new level.

At Blue Mountain Group, we also offer something unique at the end of our courses! Read on to discover what it is and how you can help us create a safer world. 

Our close protection course is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a rigorous journey that will push you to your limits. We don’t believe in sausage factories. We teach you the real deal, preparing you to dive headfirst into the security industry. There’s no hand-holding here. We offer the best customer experience to make training enjoyable. We also give you the confidence to start a career in security and excel. 

Moving from a Military Bubble to a Close Protection Career

We’re all military leavers, too. We’ve stood in your shoes and know how it feels. Your transition to civilian life will be challenging, but with our tribe mentality, we provide a supportive environment. At Blue Mountain Group, we have over 25 years of experience training military leavers to be close protection operatives.

Immersive Close Protection Training Like No Other

In the military, you’ve put your life on the line for somebody else. In close protection security, you do the same. At Blue Mountain Group, we understand the differences between the industries and make sure you get a healthy dose of your future career. We’re not trying to frighten you off. We want you to feel the job for real.

Our secret sauce is realism.

From Day One of our training course, we treat you as a close protection operative. You will feel the real demands of the role. You’re in for a shock, but it’s the only way we know how to train you correctly. We don’t cut corners in our training. We keep our training real and inspire you every step of the way. We work with small groups so you receive personal training. It’s the best way for you to learn.

Download our free guide about working as a close protection operative.

It’s important to note that a close protection role is not all glamour. There can be many moments of boredom and frustration. However, it is a skilled role that can save somebody’s life. We train delegates in the fine art of close protection so you can react at the right time and provide the highest level of security.

Practical Real-World Training in a Mock-Up Village

Blue Mountain Group has partnered with Advanced Tactical Resources (ATR) based in Reading. ATR has a mock-up village in a wooded area that is off the chart. You learn to be a close protection operative in a mock-up village instead of a traditional classroom setting. You’ll learn more than you will ever do from seeing a PowerPoint presentation!

We mimic real-world scenarios. Quite simply…you’ll need to be ready for anything and everything. Training in a unique, immersive, and dynamic environment is like gold dust. Our training is intense and gives you the most realistic experience. Graduating with Blue Mountain Group will help you understand what the job entails.

Our Unique Offering to You After the Course

After completing the course, you can enjoy our unique offering. Every delegate who passes gets an interview for a close protection operative role. We can’t promise you’ll get the job. That’s down to you! However, we offer a real opportunity to secure close protection work immediately after your course. We’re giving you a headstart!

How Can Delegates Pass

Our close protection training is strict. It’s not an attendance-only course in which you automatically receive your certification. We have a course syllabus to follow, but our trainers will only sign your certification if you are ready. Our trainers need to feel confident they would have you on their security team in the real world.

We’ll train you to:

  • Have professional flexibility
  • Use situational awareness and act appropriately
  • Have a proactive mindset and think one step ahead
  • Understand how to give seamless security without anybody realising it

Experienced Current Close Protection Operatives

We have active male and female close protection operatives who are also trainers. This experience means they will give you realistic hands-on training exercises. We also bring in guest speakers, who are current operatives in the field. You have the opportunity to ask them questions and get honest feedback from the front line.

Comprehensive Skill Development for a Career in Security

Our close protection course is different from an introductory security training course. We take you on a training journey so you can personally develop. Here are some examples of how our close protection training will help you:

  • Strengthen your existing life skills and help you learn critical new life skills
  • Educate you about consultancy and surveillance work
  • Prepare you for multiple roles in the security industry 
  • Give you a strong foundation for your new security career
  • Knowledge of how to act professionally and politely in public

Post-Course Community and Support

After the course, we don’t sign you off and leave you out to dry. People know our name in the security industry and our network is second to none. We look out for each other. It doesn’t matter if you’re not in the military anymore. We’ve got your back, and we’re here for you. It’s all about helping each other to be successful.

We also work with organisations, such as Hire a Hero to make transitions from the military easier. Our network gets it and our community is there for you, whatever you need. It’s in our company's DNA. Our employees also help each other with our internal leadership and mentoring support system.

High Standards and Genuine Assessment

We’re proud of our ethical and professional approach to security training. We want to train delegates so they are the best in their field. Our methods might be challenging, but if you want to excel in a security career, it’s what you need. We have a rigorous lens on all of our courses. This focus helps us constantly improve our training.

Before we sign you off, we want to ensure you are the best version of yourself—no ifs, no buts. For example, if we feel you don’t meet our high standards, you won’t pass our close protection course. At the same time, we give all the delegates the care and support they need to excel in the security industry.

Our Commitment to Quality and Continuous Improvement

Our company is committed to continuous improvement and has high-quality management standards across our business. This commitment is one of the reasons we achieved ISO 9001 compliance. We continue to evolve and enhance our courses to remain at the cutting edge of close protection training in the UK.

How to Book Our Immersive Training

Ready to join our community at Blue Mountain Group? Contact us using our quick and easy form if you want to do a close protection course and learn more. We’re here to make sure the security industry is right for you. We’ll be honest so you can save time and find the right career for the next part of your life journey.

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