5 Reasons Why Charity, Culture, and Values Are Important

At Blue Mountain Group, our values and identity connect to the personal journey of our CEO, Nigel Thomas. His early years as a caregiver for his mother shaped him. The caring instilled in Nigel a profound respect for life and a commitment to live every day to its fullest.

We like to promote this concept of helping others in our company. This sense of caring and giving service to others has helped us create a close-knit bunch of people at Blue Mountain Group. We strive to do our best in the security training industry. As a result, after 25 years, we continue to thrive as we help more trainees every year.

Here are five reasons why charity, culture, and values are important to us.

1) Why Charity Work Makes a Difference

It’s not about supporting charities for appearance's sake. It’s about giving service back to the community however and whenever you can. Supporting a charity or cause that is close to your company values is the best way to do it. It can help you both grow together and form a special bond.

Of course, you need to make money to stay in business. But this doesn’t have to be at the expense of ignoring charitable causes. Many charities would welcome your support by giving them a platform to reach more people. It can be the difference between receiving hundreds or thousands of pounds in donations.

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Charity Work at Blue Mountain Group

Our charity work aligns with our company values: humility, integrity, and courage. One of the charities we work closely with is Hire a Hero. Their tagline says it all: “Serving Those Who Served Us.” Leaving the military can be daunting and can test all of these personal values. However, this charity makes it easier by helping ex-military leavers transition into civilian life. At Blue Mountain Group, we also provide many security training opportunities to help them flourish.

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We also recently held a charity event for the HOPE MS Oxygen Therapy Centre in Neyland, Pembrokeshire. Multiple sclerosis is close to Nigel’s heart, as his mother suffered from it. The charity event raised £11,200.00 in donations to pay for the therapy centre's yearly rental. It also helps support MS sufferers and their families by allowing them to speak with others in the same situation.

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Every time we hold a charity event, we receive positive responses from attendees. Our events are open and honest, and we encourage people to be themselves. We have no airs and graces and are always straight to the point. It encourages people to come forward and share their experiences.

2) Boosting our Company Culture With Generational Diversity

Some people think younger generations “don’t take things seriously.” Is this true? Not at all. People from different generations naturally think about things from their perspective. Generational diversity can boost your company culture. It’s all about embracing these unique ideas and creating a company that collaborates effectively.

Some younger people may have had bad experiences that have knocked their confidence. Taking the time to listen to them and understand them can help them and us. It’s about giving them a platform to have the courage to be themselves and not be afraid to open up.

A Greater Understanding of Training for All Age Groups

At Blue Mountain Group, we have employees from all generations and backgrounds. We are proud of this diversity. It helps us work as a proper team, constantly learning from each other and growing. It sparks creativity and helps us deliver training programs that are innovative and interesting for all ages.

3) Creating a Positive Working Environment

Our company believes that being charitable and focusing on personal and company values boosts our company culture. We have strong values and make every effort to care for each other in the business. This caring attitude can extend to customers and clients and help create a thriving network. People feel supported, valued, and encouraged and are excited to go to work.

These positive vibes can spread throughout the company and help propel the business forward. Our training is deep and intensive, but we make it engaging and memorable. We regularly receive positive reviews from trainees who enjoyed learning with us in a friendly environment. We want to ensure you can confidently handle any security related work and use your valuable life skills.

4) Encouraging Openness and Fun

It isn’t easy to open up and express yourself at work. However, it can help you reach new heights of enjoyment and productivity. Living your authentic self at work can break down barriers and speed up communication. More importantly, you will know the right communication skills to connect better with your colleagues.

Like most businesses, Blue Mountain Group expects its employees to work hard. However, it also emphasises our colleagues' openness, honesty, and enjoyment of work. This open and sincere approach is also beneficial for our trainees, who can understand that the security industry can be rewarding and demanding.

5) How Leadership and Personal Development Play a Big Part

With over 25 years of leadership experience, Nigel is known in the security industry for his honesty, humility, and integrity. These qualities are evident throughout Blue Mountain Group. We might be a training company ourselves, but we realise it is just as important to develop our team every day.

That’s why our door is always open for employees. We provide mentoring and support to employees, especially the younger team members. It gives them a safe zone to discuss personal and professional development. We believe mental health support through individual coaching and therapy is a sign of strength.

Our Trainees Trust Us

This focus on growth and supporting our team members makes us relatable to our trainees. They sense and feel our company culture and values. It makes them feel confident when they select a course with us, as they know we have their backs every step of the way.

We offer different types of training courses at Blue Mountain Group. For example, we have training courses in close protection that help you get employed in the security industry. We also offer other courses, such as HEFAT, a safety and life skills course for overseas travellers. You can find a complete list of our training services here.

Thinking Positive Can Help Your Future Career

Finally, a positive mindset and always being on hand to help others can make a real difference. It’s not about leaving a legacy but creating an “everyday legacy” that defines you as a person. You can be that person who makes a daily impact through acts of kindness and service to others.

Selecting a training company that cares about you and your impact on the world will also positively impact you. Live your dream of a career in personal security. You can gain qualifications in various SIA security courses, travel awareness such as HEFAT/HEAT, First Aid ECFR and driving courses.

Are you interested in learning more but don’t know where to start or what to do next? Fill out our quick form here, and we’ll be in touch! 

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