How To Select The Best Close Protection Education In The UK

Are you in the process of leaving military service, or have you just left the military? Have you reviewed the Army’s Transition Life Skills Information Sheet? Now is the time to put this information to use, grab the bull by the horns and decide what you want to do with your life. You have specialised skills you can use in other ways.

Adaptability, discipline, and staying calm under pressure make you highly employable. These are traits sought after by the security industry. Working in security is for the strong-hearted. You have the experience to handle close protection security work and create a new career.

Transitioning To The Security Industry

Transitioning from the military to the security industry allows ex-military professionals like yourself to continue to serve and protect others. Also, many career opportunities are available once you have your qualifications. For example, you can work with high-profile clients or provide international travel security.

This article explains more about close protection security and how to gain the required qualifications. Arm yourself with the proper knowledge before you select close protection education in the UK. Read on to discover the most important things you must consider before signing on a dotted line.

A SIA Close Protection Course: The Next Step In Your Career

Your work experience is second to none. You’ve been in the most challenging situations and know how putting your life on the line feels. This raw first-hand experience gives you a head start when working in the security industry. Anything can happen at any time, and you need to be ready.

The first step is to complete a close protection course with a professional training company accredited by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). However, it’s not as simple as selecting the most glamorous-looking course on the internet. You must pick a reputable training company with a firm name in the security industry.

The Quality Of Close Protection Education Matters

There are many close protection education courses available in the UK. The different options available can make everything confusing. It’s worth remembering the training company that delivers the course will be on your CV. The most important recommendation is to select a company that reflects your professional attitude.

Working With An Elite Training Company

Selecting a company with a professional image can make a real difference when applying for jobs. Working with companies like the Blue Mountain Group can help boost your job selection chances. Why is this the case? The company has been in the industry for over 20 years and has gained respect in the UK and internationally.

Access To Security Work Opportunities

You already have strong discipline and dedication and understand the commitment to keeping people safe. These valuable skills make you a prime candidate for close protection security work. But the training has to be right to take it to the next level and have a higher chance of securing security work.

At Blue Mountain Group, because the company is an expert in close protection education, the name is known in the industry. Consequently, training with us gives you an advantage as there are many networking opportunities. After training, we work with our contacts in the security industry to match you with security jobs.

Close Protection Education With The Right Accreditation

It is also mandatory to do close protection education that follows the SIA close protection course syllabus and has proper accreditation. The Blue Mountain Group close protection course is also available through Highfield, one of the top awarding bodies in the UK. A qualification from us stands out in the security industry.

Using Your Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCAS)

You might be wondering about the cost of paying for close protection education. Luckily, there is an option for military leavers to use enhanced learning credits. (ELCAS). You’ve worked hard in service to gain access to these credits. The credits are an ideal way to help you transition into a new career in security.

Saving Money As You Learn

If you have served the minimum time required in the military, you can access ELCAS funding. The credits entitle you to receive £2,000 towards further education. It’s also worth noting if you are still serving and have not left yet. You can access extra money towards your food and accommodation during training.

Access To Close Protection Trainers Working In Security

Our trainers, both male and female, have experience from a military or police background. Most trainers also work as current close protection operatives in the field. This hands-on experience is unique to the Blue Mountain Group. This access to current industry information is invaluable for your training.

Taking The Stress Out Of Close Protection Education

You might have heard a few horror stories about the online exams for close protection courses. It’s true. You do have to do practical and written exams. However, professional training companies like us take it all in our stride. We’ve seen it all and give you the support you need to pass the exams without the stress.

Experienced Mentors Can Support You Along The Way

It doesn’t matter if you are not a whizz on the computer or have any learning difficulties. Our trainers are skilled in guiding you through the training process. This commitment to students has helped our company create a strong presence in the industry. Everybody knows you have trained with specialists when you train with us.

Location, Location

At the Blue Mountain Group, we conduct close protection training in London. This training location gives you a clear advantage in the security industry. You’ll find that most high-level close protection security jobs are in the City. During your training, you can experience security scenarios while walking in the heart of London.

Training courses based in other areas of the UK might be more local for you, but they offer limited training experience in the capital. It can make a huge difference. After training, you can confidently start a job in London instead of feeling like a rabbit in headlights when you arrive in the big city to do security work.

Ready To Start A Career In The Security Industry?

Your work experience in the military is second to none. You’ve been in the most challenging situations and know how putting your life on the line feels. This raw first-hand experience gives you a head start when working in the security industry. Anything can happen at any time, and you need to be ready. 

In a short time, you can be the proud owner of a SIA Close Protection qualification and ready to start your exciting security career in the UK. You can receive quality training by picking the right training company to work with. A proper company offers no thrills, just deep, intensive security training so you can excel in the industry.

Your specialised military experience is a perfect match for a career in security. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Blue Mountain Group. We are here to make your military transition to a new security career as easy as possible. Contact us so we can explain more about the course and help you join an exciting industry.


“I would like to thank Blue Mountain Group, its instructors and the administration team for guiding me from my initial enquiry through to the end of the course. I was a little confused with so many choices of training providers, and it was the friendliness and non-sales-like communication I had with the Blue Mountain staff that eventually swayed me to book with them. Throughout the course, nothing was too much trouble. They work you hard so that you gain as much knowledge and skills as possible. On completing the course, and they set their own standards above and beyond the requirements of the SIA, they helped open doors to potential employers, working on my CV and also my presentation skills.  It was a great step from the military and into the commercial market. I cannot thank you enough.”

Andy - Close Protection Delegate

“I had researched a lot on CP providers, not just the courses provided, but the actual provider and their name in the industry. I eventually decided to go with Blue Mountain for a number of reasons 1. Their reputation in the industry 2. They were easy to work with and held my hand on my new path into civvi street. I am very pleased to have not only attended the Blue Mountain CP course but to have passed it as well. They will not just give you a tick-in-the-box attendance. As they say, you are our marketing on the ground. Although I had contacts in the CP industry and had a job to go to, Blue Mountain brightened up my CV and offered me job interviews with security companies if I needed them. They do not promise work, but they do their very best to open doors.  They are very passionate about helping you in your new chosen career, which was very clear from the initial contact and ongoing support after the course. I would very much recommend this course as a stepping stone into the industry. Thank you.”

Stuart - Close Protection and First Aid course

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