How to Boost Client Security with Defensive and Evasive Driving Training

Are you a close protection or security officer looking for your next challenge? Or are you already a professional security driver? Defensive and evasive driving training could be the perfect course to help you upskill in the security industry.

You already have a wealth of security knowledge and know how to protect people.  You can now take it a step further. Elevating your safety and security driving skills can help you open up better job opportunities and attract a higher salary.

What is Defensive and Evasive Driving?

Defensive and evasive driving is one of the most proactive forms of security. It can help you anticipate and evade dangerous situations when you are driving. Once trained, you can make effective decisions to keep your clients safe when they travel.

There are three key things to always bear in mind to be a safe driver and follow road safety:

  • Concentration
  • Observation
  • Anticipation

Defensive and evasive driving takes these areas into account and dives deeper into more strategic driving skills. This type of training is for people working in security or professional drivers who want to advance their careers.

For example, you could be a bodyguard in a foreign city whose car gets boxed in, and an incident happens. Your primary role is to protect the principal in the vehicle. However, the situation you are now in means you cannot manoeuvre the vehicle.

Defensive and evasive driving training helps you learn specialist driving skills so that you minimise the possibility of getting your vehicle boxed in or know how to get out of a problematic situation. For example, you would drive in the outside lane, so you always have an exit.

How Can Strategic Driving Skills Help?

A security driver can encounter many dangerous situations when driving. Specialist training is a must to prepare for every eventuality. For example:

  • Learning to drive safely can help ensure your client is always kept safe. You can comfortably provide this specialist protection whether you are driving at speed or encountering a challenging situation. 
  • When driving the CEO of a corporate company, training gives you the required skills and knowledge to evade hostility and complete the journey safely. You will know what to do during a security incident or extreme weather.

What is Involved in Defensive and Evasive Driving Training?

Professional training can help you gain the knowledge and skills to complete journeys safely without problems. Many different things are covered in defensive and evasive driving training so you can handle every situation when you are driving.

Here are some of the areas in the specialist training from Blue Mountain Group:

  • Create a winning mindset by discussing the psychological aspects of defensive driving and maintaining a proactive approach.
  • Understand the fundamentals of surveillance to enhance awareness on the road.
  • Learn vehicle preparation techniques to optimise vehicle performance so it works at its optimum level.
  • Develop the ability to assess and respond to risks in real-time and make dynamic risk assessments on the move.
  • Master the art of executing effective and quick Y-Turns in different scenarios while driving.
  • Improve your skills and confidence by learning how to reverse safely in a vehicle at high speed.
  • Know how to use close precision drills and precision interception techniques to handle close-quarter situations.
  • Discover more about the technical aspects of a vehicle, such as the anti-lock braking system (ABS).
  • Learn to manoeuvre the vehicle using precision slalom exercises to escape dangerous situations.
  • Enhance driving skills to handle scenarios with a loss of frontal vision when driving.

Practical Scenarios for Defensive and Evasive Driving

Training prepares you to do your best in a potentially hostile situation. An immersive training experience can boost your confidence even further. At Blue Mountain Group, we pride ourselves on using different scenarios to give you the best training possible.

Our courses take place in a disused airfield location. This unique setting helps us provide hands-on training in a fast-moving environment with challenging scenarios. We simulate hostile scenarios and offer the highest safety standards.

Here are a couple of examples of the scenarios:

  • Anti-Ambush Scenarios
    We work with you through potential ambush situations and help you hone your ability to evade and respond effectively.
  • Close Protection Vehicle Scenarios
    We help you gain deep insights into close protection driving techniques and the most common scenarios you could encounter.

How do you Choose Effective Training for Defensive and Evasive Driving?

One of the most important things you must consider is where you will do the training. Working with a reputable and professional training company will ensure you receive the best training possible.

Ensuring the safety of the people you are looking after is the most important part of your security job. With such a responsibility, you owe it to yourself to work with a company that offers the following:

Experienced Instructors

The best trainers are former police officers and military instructors who understand strategic driving. These security trainers can bring real-world knowledge to your training so you receive expert instructions.

A Positive Learning Environment

Working with trainers who have exceptional characters will ensure you enjoy learning in a positive and effective learning environment. This setup can make all the difference when you are learning something new.

Focusing on Safety and Practical Skill Development

Your training must also focus on safety and real practical skill development. The defensive and evasive driving training at the Blue Mountain Group does this as it goes beyond traditional driving programs.

The course can meet the needs of people from different industries. It doesn’t matter if you are an army driver, chauffeur, corporate driver, close protection officer, or security officer. We customise the training to your specific requirements.

How to Sign up for our Security Driving Course

Corporate clients and VIPs expect the best security. Adding strategic driving to your security skillset can give them the specialist protection they seek. Learning defensive and evasive driving tactics will add another string to your security bow.

Contact us at the Blue Mountain Group to find out more. It only takes a few minutes to fill out the form. Learn more about defensive and evasive driving training and discover how it can rev up your security driving career.

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