Why Martyn’s Law Will Help Improve Event Security

While the public attends major events across the UK, event security professionals work behind the scenes to protect people. However, the terrorist attack at Manchester Arena in 2017 changed everything. It served as a reminder of what can happen when security failures occur.

In December 2022, the government introduced a venue security law named after victim Martyn Hett, known as Martyn’s Law, to modernise event security. Event managers, security directors and facilities managers are now paying close attention as this legislation continues through the legal process.

In the interim, knowing more about this new law and how it intends to improve event security is essential.

Understanding The Catalyst

Security protocols can help to safeguard public spaces, and in most cases, things go according to plan. But what were the critical errors at Manchester Arena? Several severe security breaches led to the tragic bombing. Here are a few of them:

  • There was a blind spot in the CCTV coverage which the bomber used
  • The bomber went unnoticed to the site several times before the incident
  • There was no security on patrol to check for suspicious persons
  • Security staff “fobbed off” concerns from several members of the public
  • Two security guards with basic training watched the bomber but did not act

The points above highlight how using poorly trained security staff can result in disaster. Professional counter-terrorism training from experts in the security industry can help prevent such incidents. As a result of the tragic circumstances of the Manchester bombing, Martyn’s Law hopes to improve event security.

Martyn’s Law: A More Modern Security Solution for Public Events

The Terrorism Protection of Premise Bill, or Martyn’s Law, will reform the event security industry. It places a requirement on publicly accessible venues to consider the threat of terrorism. The expectations are that Martyn’s Law will become effective in December 2023 or January 2024. However, while the government has delayed the legislation several times, the signs are now positive.

For example, King Charles II highlighted the importance of Martyn’s Law in the recent King's Speech. This bill recognition clearly showed the government’s commitment to enacting the proposed legislation.

How Will Martyn’s Law Improve Event Security

Martyn’s Law, in essence, will clarify who is responsible for event security and promote good security practices. The 56-page bill will help to raise the security standard across the UK. Here are some of the critical components of Martyn’s Law that will benefit event security management across all UK venues:

  • There will be a focus on mandatory risk assessments and custom security plans
  • A regulator for the industry will carry out inspections and enforce powers
  • Premises with more than 100 people capacity will fall under Martyn’s Law. For premises of a public capacity of 800+ people, enhanced duties will apply 
  • Qualifying premises will need to register themselves with the regulator
  • Terrorism evaluations for all premises and additional assessments for larger venues
  • All relevant works will need terrorism protection training
  • Public events and premises with 800+ capacity require updated security plans

Bridging the Security Gap at Large Events

It’s not only these new requirements of Martyn’s Law that venues must follow. Staying on top of the “standard” security requirements when you host an event can take time and effort. The UK government’s Major Event Security Report highlights the different security areas to monitor at events.

  • Cyber security
  • Command, Control, and Communication
  • Incident Response
  • Planning and Intelligence
  • Physical Protection
  • Reassuring and Visible Security
  • Screening and Detection

These are all critical areas of concern for event security. Working with a training partner is highly recommended to ensure everything is covered. Also, with the new legislation from Martyn’s Law, new security demands will need to be met. Indeed, non-compliance can result in fines and penalties and potentially ruin your business.

Using a Customised Approach for Event Security

Martyn’s Law will challenge event, facility, and security managers. Because what works for one location will not work for another. For example, creating a security plan for a stadium is different for a large shopping centre. Using a customised approach specific to your location and venue will be necessary.

How Your Business Can Lead the Way in Event Security

Martyn’s Law is a necessary piece of legislation that will help to improve event security and save lives. It will help the public to feel safer at large events when they know more security steps are in place. Now is the time to prepare your business for Martyn's Law. Not only will you be compliant, but you can also showcase your security credentials and gain more customers.

Leveraging the Right Expertise

So, how can you quickly prepare your company for Martyn’s Law? Partner up with a training company that specialises in customised counter-terrorism training. At Blue Mountain Group, we deliver expert counter-terrorism training for event security. We can give you specialist, customised training to handle the new legal requirements.

Contact us here for more information on counter-terrorism training and offer the best security at your venue.

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