Close Protection: Picking the Correct Training Provider

Training doesn’t have to be boring. It can improve your life. Selecting the right training provider for a close protection course or other security courses can be a game-changer. Working with passionate and professional trainers can help you build confidence. It can also ensure you receive the proper training.

Interestingly, recent research by the Macrothink Institute found confidence is a deciding factor when recruiters select candidates. This study also highlighted a link between confidence and qualities such as initiative, motivation, and achieving objectives. These qualities are all highly desirable skills in the security industry.

Therefore, if you want to create an effective career in security, picking the correct training provider will help you get there. It will set you apart from other candidates in the market and help you secure work. Get ready to ramp up your security career and boost your confidence.

5 Tips to Help You Select a Training Provider

Here are five tips to help you select a training provider. These pointers will help you make a better decision and improve the training you receive. Discover what key areas you should investigate before you start training. It will give you a head start and improve your work opportunities.

1 ) Research the Training Provider

In the past, many people picked a training provider purely on the cost of the course. The cheaper, the better, as long as they could get the needed qualifications. Thankfully, things have progressed a lot since then. The current research culture means people like to check in deeper detail before they commit to a specific course.

There are a couple of good indicators to look for when searching for a training provider. Find out how long the company has been in the industry. Also, look at the different courses they offer. These can be anything from close protection and defensive and evasive driving to high-risk hostile environment training.

2 ) Check if the Training Provider Follows Industry Standards

You must train with a professional trainer to secure a Security Industry Authority (SIA) license. Depending on the job, each SIA course has a minimum training requirement. For example, a security guard course lasts 2 to 3 days, a door supervisor course lasts six days, and an entire close protection course lasts up to 18 days.

Training providers must adhere to strict specifications from ordering bodies like Highfield. This situation is ideal for trainees as they know they will learn everything they need to qualify. A provider with a busy calendar is a good sign that they offer credible courses.

At Blue Mountain Group, our trainers are current or former operatives who understand the different security roles. It doesn’t matter what level. We’ve done it all. Trainees love tapping into this experience and can ask anything that comes to mind. It’s like having a personal trainer on hand.

We also like to think outside the box when it comes to training. For example, Blue Mountain Group has specific sites for different scenarios. These sites give our trainees unique training experiences. It can include anything from using smoke grenades to flash banks. This type of training is priceless.

3 ) Understand the Role of Reputation in the Security Industry

Reputation is everything in the security industry. Individuals and companies want to feel safe and secure using personal protection. They say you’re only as good as your last job. So, regardless of how long you have been working in the industry, it is essential to always be on top of your game.

Likewise, picking a training provider with a solid reputation is also extremely important. You want your CV to stand out with future employers. It will help open up more doors and opportunities for you in your career. A recommendation for a specific training provider is also a solid indication that they follow industry standards.

4 ) Evaluate Trainer Qualifications

At Blue Mountain Group, we have been training people for over 25 years. Our name is recognised and respected in the industry. We are proud of our reputation and our focus on customer excellence. We take every opportunity to give all our trainees a memorable training experience. We want them to feel confident and composed.

Every trainer approved to run a course through the awarding body must undergo stringent checks. Our trainers' qualifications are relevant to each course, and their licenses are up-to-date. The awarding body also knows we have done our due diligence and can run the course.

Here are a selection of reviews from people who passed our most recent close protection course:

“I would definitely recommend this course. The location, price and trainers are fantastic. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and have been so helpful from the start.” Ben S

“The trainers don’t just teach us to pass the course they also provide extra information that even after 20 years in the industry I didn’t even know.” Paul K

“It was a great way to network with other people working in the security industry. I reconnected with people that I’d worked with in the past and made new connections.” John K

“The trainers are so friendly and welcoming, which immediately made me feel relaxed and put me at ease from the start. They made it a fun couple of days for something that’s quite administrative-heavy.” Gav B

5 ) Choosing the Right Fit for You

Ultimately, picking the correct training provider comes down to selecting one that feels right for you. At Blue Mountain Group, we are fully committed to our trainees and help them every step of the way. Also, once the course stops, many trainees stay in regular touch and enjoy collaborating in our extensive network.

Most of our trainers come from strict military backgrounds. This hands-on experience helps us give our trainees even greater insight. They learn new skills that they can use in a demanding and rewarding environment. When they complete our training, all the men and women we train feel confident they can do the job.

Want to Learn More?

We’d love to help you with your close protection or other security career. Reach out to us here, and one of our trainers will contact you to answer any questions. We’re here to help and can’t wait to learn more about your training plans. Alternatively, you can get started and book a close protection course here.

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