Euro 24 Security: The Role of Close Protection Officers at Large Events

While the world's attention is on Euro 24 and the potential for England to win the cup, It’s important to remember the massive security operation underway. Close protection officers (CPOs) are at the forefront, securing these large football venues for VIPS.  Considering the significant security incidents at the Euro 2020 final, getting security 100% right is paramount.

At the Euro 2020 Wembley final, many things went wrong. About 2,000 ticketless fans stormed the stadium. Also, there needed to be more security and experienced stewarding. For example, vulnerable fans in wheelchairs found themselves stuck in surging crowds. So, what is involved in a CPO role at such an event, and how can it help? Read on to learn how trained CPOs provide vital security services.

CPOs Provide a Secure Environment for VIPs

In addition to the thousands of people attending these footballing events, VIPs and other critical individuals require personal protection from CPOs. A CPO's specialist skills provide a secure environment in which to enjoy events, like everybody else, without stress. The goal is to prevent incidents and maintain order. CPOs use their CP training to take control of security incidents at large venues and keep VIPs safe.

The primary responsibility of a CPO is to ensure the personal safety and security of VIPs from potential threats. It’s challenging, but trained CPOs can give extra security at any significant event. The role involves assessing risks, planning protective measures, and remaining vigilant so their clients do not suffer harm. 
Here are some ways in which a CPO can do that:

  • Risk Assessment: This assessment identifies potential threats and vulnerabilities and the likelihood of a security incident. The CPO can then create effective protection strategies.
  • Planning and Coordination of Security Measures for VIPs: The CPO can create a personalised security plan based on the VIP's risk profile, proposed routine, and specific needs at the event.
  • Using Physical Protection Strategies and Confidentiality: A physical protection strategy might include using emergency response protocols, escorts, secure transportation, and surveillance to keep VIPs safe. Maintaining confidentiality also keeps the VIP's security plans safe.

Enhancing Crowd Management Strategies for Euro 24 and Other Events

Every venue needs a crowd management strategy. Crowd management at significant events like Euro 24 ensures the safety and security of attendees. It can prevent accidents and security incidents. Also, it can improve the event experience for everybody by reducing congestion and making everything smoother.

Here are a few things a CPO uses for crowd management:

  • Designing Event Layouts: CPOs can use strategic placement of entry and exit points to avoid bottlenecks, which can ensure a quick evacuation. 
  • Implementing Crowd Control Measures: CPOs can check that the proper barriers and signage are in place so event attendees can move efficiently.
  • Preparing and Rehearsing Emergency Procedures: The CPO can organise regular drills and simulations to ensure the staff are ready for any incident.

CPOs Help To Improve Communication Among Security Personnel

Using your life skills as a CPO is critical for a successful career. The ability to communicate effectively is essential in a security situation. Due to their specialised training, CPOs can help to improve communication among security personnel at public events. The main aim is to prevent incidents and maintain order. Effective communication is critical.

Here are some ways communication can help with venue security at significant events:

  • It helps with security coordination for threat response and ensuring cohesive security team actions.
  • Advanced communication tools can help with real-time communication, and encrypted channels can enhance information sharing. 
  • A CPO can set up and ensure everybody follows a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). A SOP gives clarity and consistency to security responses.
  • Conducting regular briefings and debriefings can help with continuous improvement in security and give a platform for team feedback.

Close Protection Officers Use Advanced Surveillance Technologies

Close protection officers are adept at using advanced surveillance technologies. You would like to think large venues are already on top of all this. The CPO can check if they are in place, and advanced technology can make a huge difference in security. Anything a CPO can do to protect VIPs is worth it.

For example, advanced surveillance gives CPOs and all the other security personnel at the venue the ability to detect and respond to security threats in real time. This access provides security with critical situational awareness. Security can then act in the right way. Examples of advanced technology CPOs use include:

  • CCTV systems with high-definition cameras and AI analytics. There is also the possibility to do remote monitoring.
  • You can use drones for aerial surveillance. Drones are very flexible and can also give real-time data collection.
  • The CPO can use advanced access control systems like biometrics, mobile credentials, and smart cards. 
  • Cybersecurity measures for surveillance systems are also crucial for obvious reasons.

Taking Proactive Measures and Staying Vigilant During the Event

Have you ever been to a football match and the stewards are watching the game and not the spectators? It’s an absolute no-no. You won’t find a CPO doing that. It’s the difference between tight security and security incidents. It only takes one security person to bring the whole system down. As they say, you are as strong as your weakest link. CPOs take proactive measures and stay vigilant.

A CPO focuses on proactive measures and being as vigilant as possible, not on the match. This necessary focus helps them respond swiftly to potential threats. So, what do they do to stay on top of everything? Here are some examples:

  • Gathering and Analysing Threat Intelligence - Continuously collecting and assessing threat intelligence can help the CPO understand potential risks and plan appropriate responses.
  • Maintaining a Visible Security Presence - CPOs can look intimidating, and that can have a positive impact on security. It can discourage attacks and enhance overall safety at the venue.
  • Taking Pre-Emptive Action Based on Intelligence - Your inexperienced stewards will not do this, but a CPO will, as they know how to do it. It can help prevent potential threats from escalating into incidents.

Staying Safe is More Important Than Winning the Cup

Security personnel at venues should heed the specialised advice from CPOs. This advice can help keep the venue safe instead of having a nightmare security incident that gets out of control. It can also help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved—even if England doesn’t win the cup at the end of the tournament!

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